Nine Lives, One Love!
In your travels across Alternia you happen upon a beautiful troll woman. Her olive green eyes turn to regard you and she smiles at you prettily. You wonder if it's all right to approach her? Something about her makes you think she'd approve.

What will you do?

But we’re not really all that different! You just have to know how to look at each other purroperly. Not with your eyes, but with your heart!

Think about it! Humans, Trolls, and even Cherubs… We’re all hatched and start out as wigglers, and we all go through life together. We all grow up. We all struggle with what’s hard in life. We laugh, we cry, we f33l happy, we f33l sad, and we all f33l a myriad of wonderfurl emotions that can hardly be accurately described! D33p inside, we’re not very diffurent at all when you think about it.

I think violence is learned through society… (but this is only my opinion!) Bloodshed and violence was the norm on our world. If Alternia had become the wondrous place my Beloved envisioned, fr33 of hemospectrum privilege, I think we wouldn’t have had a n33d for violence and strife. We’d all live together in harmony.

It’d be wonderfurl if Humans and Cherubs could share in that too!

I think it’s pawsible. Very pawsible, Zach Human! But since we have what we have, we n33d to work on this ourselves. If we work together as furriends we can make that peace a reality!

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