Nine Lives, One Love!
In your travels across Alternia you happen upon a beautiful troll woman. Her olive green eyes turn to regard you and she smiles at you prettily. You wonder if it's all right to approach her? Something about her makes you think she'd approve.

What will you do?
12 Days of AskBlogs - Day …13?!


((YES 13.

Because there are like fifty million characters in Homestuck for seriously. And there are lots more AskBlogs to give love to.

I’m putting character pairing blogs in this post (rather than splitting them up), along with Kids, Carapacians, and Cherubs, Guardians, and anyone else! I’ve got a pretty large list here but I know it’s lacking. There’s gotta be more active kidblogs out there! Oh well, that’s where you all come in! :33

So HAPPY 12th PERIG33’s EVE to all of you lovely blogs! May it be your best yet! ♥

KIDS: Rose Rose Dave Jade Dirk Roxy Jane John Crocker (B2 John)

CARAPACIANS: The Exiles Spades Slick Courtyard Droll Diamonds Droog The Midnight Crew Wayward Vagabond Sn8wman and Spades Slick

CHERUBS: Caliborn and Calliope Caliborn and Calliope Lord English, Caliborn, and Calliope! Lord English! Human!Cherubs Two-Headed Human!Chreubs …!!!

SMARMY CUEBALL: Doc Scratch Doc Scratch

PAIRS/GROUPS: Dem Homestucks. All of them. GRUBS!!! John and Dave Sollux, Eridan, and Gamzee Aradia and Sollux Dirk and Nepeta Equius and Nepeta Meenah and Feferi Dirk, Nepeta, and Meulin Karkat and Nepeta Terezi and Feferi Aradia and Nepeta It’s EVERYONE. But drunk. (Hey. You kids. Stoppit. You’re underage.) Meenah and Vriska Signless and GHB (!!!) Summoner and GHB

GUARDIANS/LUSII: Bro Bro Sis!Strider The Lusii


WHAT: Troll… Mr.T… mmyep! 833

And as always if any of you know of any active canonical Homestuck askblogs I may have missed, please feel free to REPLY to this post and tell me! If you’re not showing up on this list it does not mean it was intentional. It’s because I don’t know you’re out there! Help me out, kthx!! :33

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